How to Pick-up girls!

Another smart way of making a girl talk to you is:

Let’s assume you are standing somewhere close to her. What you need to do is cast a look at her, from top to bottom, and quickly find something you like, something of which a compliment can be made; and also make sure that she notices that you are noticing her.
In the next step you walk to her and say- ‘I am sorry to stare, but you have the most amazing dressing sense (or anything).’ This is just an example, what you should understand is that a girl never puts on something she doesn’t like. Girls are very choosy and conscious about how they look, and love being complimented about it. After you have said your line, say-‘Thanks for your attention’, and leave. Don’t take more than a few seconds to play this move, and yes, confidence is the key.
This works big time, as first of all, you leave her wondering that if you really meant what you said or you were flirting; and then she applies her mind on all the possible reasons or plans that could be behind it; but she never realizes that all this while you have got her thinking about only and only you. So that makes her want to know about or talk to you some more. And after this you can take help from the chapter-What to do in the First Meeting with a Girl!

What to do in the First Meeting with a Girl!