How to read a Girl’s mind!

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Be her psychologist

Some basic questions and reasons:
What does that mean? I don’t have any such knowledge about women, or about human mind or the different aspects of life. To use this method, there are two weapons that you need in hand:
– Philosophy
– A little understanding of a woman’s mind.

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Note: Girls, on a very large scale, generally have the same problems. And most of them revolve around the same subjects such as:
– Guys
– Their own body (if they have put on weight, or they should)
– What everyone thinks about them!
– Is her best friend loyal to her or does she backbite about her!
– What is going on in other people’s lives!
This is not all the girls in the world, but most of them. If you ask them the question ‘What is the meaning of your life?’ the students who have subjects like Literature, Philosophy or History will give you a definition quoted from their respective textbooks. Such types are called pseudo intellectuals. They have a habit of keeping a small diary with them at all times in which they copy down notes, quotes, and texts from wherever they may find. Their intellect is generally founded upon such notes from different sources, so they can quote, recite them afterwards as a proof to it. The meaning here is that in a very broad sense Girls are Confused.



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