Methods of Wooing a Girl!

How to woo girls?

I am going to mention the methods and techniques to woo different types of girls here:

- Melodramatic 
– Be her Psychologist.
Confuse composition
– Fantasy guy
– Defeat her forte


Some common methods are:

– Love letters
– Phone confession


To adopt this method, a guy should possess a few things for sure – a lot of confidence, great acting skills, friends who are always ready to assist in any sort of drama. The first step in this technique is that a guy should always make a plan. You must have often seen in movies:
– The girl owns a pet, the guy and his friends steal it, and then the guy returns it to her becoming a savior.
– The girl being mugged, the guy comes, beats up all the bad guys. (Exaggeration)
– The girl is facing a problem, which you have created for her.  You come into the scene and provide for help. You solve her problem. (Little bit realistic)

The thing is that the problem that is created is totally based upon your relationship with her – if you are a friend, or in her college, or just some guy she has never even seen before. Many people think that such kind of stuff doesn’t work and they are the very people for which this method is useless. This technique is only and only for believers, and if your plan is well thought out, it will work. But whenever an attempt to pull off such a stunt is tried,–without any plan, just based on impulse- it always fails. To make those believe that such technique works, an example shall be presented just to prove the point – an example of How to woo a girl by telling her you are Gay. This is tried and tested. Now, if one can pull this off, I believe anything is possible.