How to completely control a girl’s mind?

A male is brain is possessive, full of ego, a problem- solving, protecting and guiding – in all, to be a care-taker. It is his instinct to guide a woman, to advise her, to solve her problems, and to tell her what is right and wrong.
But this is where the greatest battles between men and women have taken place as women do not generally like to be told:-

– How they should live!
– What they should wear!
– Her particular friend doesn’t have the decent of intentions; but she doesn’t care!
– Her friends have bad habits, but they are her friends.
– Things they should not do because you are against them.
– Friends you don’t like

I presume you might have got a good idea of what I am referring to here, by the help of these few examples. What guys generally do is:
– tell the girl that this is something they don’t like.
– prohibit her from doing or involving into a given activity (based on whatever he is totally against to)
– be possessive and angry.
– many a time, take the charge and solve it themselves. For example: beating up her the guy who was hitting on her, whom she considered her friend.
– start checking her phone records, keeping an eye on her college activities, and steal her from all her independence.
– fight and threaten about breaking up, which in maximum cases happens.

Thing you always have to remember about a girl:

- A girl’s life is supremely about her image. 
Believe it or not, a girl might scream her throats out that is not true, but it is. So the conclusion we draw from the above statement are:
– You don’t ever want to embarrass her in front of her or your friends.
– You don’t want to be aggressively involved with or in the eyes of her friends.
– You don’t want to be showing or giving a hint in front of her friends that you control her life.
– You don’t want her to be sad and dissatisfied with the relationship.
- You don’t ever want her to think something like – “I need my space“, or “I don’t have any space“, or “he doesn’t give me any space“.
– And similar stuff.