How to make a long distance relationship work?

This post is in continuance from How to maintain a Long distance relationship.

I am listing down all the ways and reasons of how it happens:

You cannot be possessive/ commanding/ dictating. This is one thing Girls react to by saying “I need space‘. The point is, she’s going to have friends who wouldn’t know you. They may be interested in you, they may not. You don’t want to feed them direct material so they can be, in any certainty, against you. So how to be possessive/ commanding/ dictating without setting her off? You’ll read about it soon.

- Trigger her friends. 
Always remember: If she is telling about you to almost every friend she meets by the road, you are strong. It’s actually a very good way of finding where you stand. But how do you actually KNOW that she is telling her friends and not lying to you. To find out, here comes the MOST important step.

- Be a part of the group. 
Just think of one thing: How many of your friends are in different city, and aren’t you still good friends with them? Of course you are. To be a part of a group, you don’t need to be living with them necessarily. The point is when she becomes a part of a new group – a new group of friends- she enters into a new life of new topics, new lives to discuss about, new activities and everything that you are not a part of; and this can leave you behind. So what you need to do is:
— When she tells about you to her friends. Befriend them too.
— Get connected with them through social networking sites, through cell phones.
— Do talk to her friends from time to time and keep in touch.
When you do that, you become a part of the group, and she can discuss with you whatever she wants to.
Also, secondly, if someone approaches her friends to woo your girlfriend, they tell the vultures about you.

- Use Video chat options
Talk everyday, and try to have video chats. They have an enormous effect as compared to cell phones or messaging or chats. Talk to her daily for at least 2 hours on video chat.

- Visit
If you really care about the girl, visiting becomes very important part of the deal. Do visit once in every two months for three or four days, or whatever your schedule demands. This keeps a healthy balance in your relationship, and you show you are around.

- Always do something creative for her
Creativity is a nuclear weapon. If you create something for her from time to time, there are very small chances of her leaving you.
— You always provide of stuff to remind her of you
— Whenever she is missing you, she can get to you through that stuff.
— Effort behind creativity always assures her that you love her.
— None of the guys who will try to hit on her would do that. So you are always above them.
So create something, like a letter, poetry, a song, make something for her, do anything, but you have to show effort.