I still love my ex! How do I get her back?

Such a problem is divided by time periods. The question is how long has it been?
If it hasn’t been long then refer to post How to get your ex- girlfriend back! If it has been more than that, then keep reading.

The steps by which you are ahead of the guy wanting to woo a girl are:
– You have already dated that girl.
– You know her life inside out.
– You know her emotional weak spots.

The following steps have to be taken in order to get your ex-girlfriend back:

Be friends with her 
If you have broken up in bad terms, a good apology would level everything. Things you have to do are:
— You are in a relationship. That’s what you have to tell her no matter what. Why?
Because if she is seeing someone, her boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate your intrusion. But if you show that you aren’t being friends with her for the sole purpose of getting her back, it might calm him down a little bit.
Second, even if she is single, you tell her that you are in a relationship. NOTE: You aren’t committed, you’re in a relationship. This avoids the little weird show for her as you are single, and suddenly wanting to be her friend. But by showing yourself occupied in a relationship gives her assurance and prevents all the weird thoughts or ideas that might come in her head. Second, it also gives you something you can talk about. You show her that your relationship isn’t going well, or something like it wasn’t ever serious; and then you gradually end that made-up relationship.

Be good friends with her
There are two types of a friend. One which is close and the other which is not. Girls when re-associate with their ex-es often keep them as acquaintances and not friends. You have to end that. Don’t poke your nose into anything she is doing except for something she wanted to do in the past and has now completely diverted her mind from. Don’t even go into her relationship, just listen to whatever she has to tell about it.

Be good friends with her boyfriend (if she has any)
This keeps you in a very good position. If you are in fair terms with her boyfriend, then firstly he wouldn’t have a problem with you, ever. Second, you’d get to know every time they fight, or have an argument.
The girl’s boyfriend would be very interested in knowing stuff she had had with you. Just clean it up, and present it to him. If you can, meet him often, and be good friends with him. Advise him of what he should do, and how she behaves in certain given problems and everything. This way, he’ll come to you the moment he has any problem. If you manage to do that, she’ll come to you automatically.

Be the judge
By following exactly what is given above, you can easily be the judge of their case. And if they both or even one shares their/ his/ her problems, then you can easily change their minds. You can provoke them to take extreme actions or just tell them that they both are right in their views and should stick to it. Such things would bring dissension between them. The biggest weapon is ego. Just put their ego in between them, and they will destroy everything.