How to make a girl crazy for me?

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How to make a girl completely crazy for you?
Firstly, it doesn’t matter if the girl is your girlfriend yet or not, the steps to that destination involve knowing how to court a woman. Many of the topics have already been discussed in some part of the blog, for example –

– Steps to attract any girl

The step in making a girl crazy for you is:

1) Entertaining her. 
The number of things that come inside this step are: 
- Sense of humor
- Topics to talk 
Here’s lists of topics to talk to a girl about: 
Click here for List I
Click here for List II

- Keeping her entertained by your words, actions.
In this a guy’s various talents, skills come forward, for example – Music, painting, magic, dancing, et cetera. Basically whatever you use to impress girls. P.s. – Money doesn’t come in this list, if you have got a car, you might get a chick or two, but not every chick or the chick you want or are in love with. Money is not always the factor, and secondly, it may get you the girl, but what after that? She’ll be in love with your money, not with you.

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- Knowledge you have, so you can talk about what she wants to talk about 
You always should focus on showing that you are intelligent, rather than violent or aggressive. Girls like aggressive guys, but that’s only good to the limit of providing her with the feeling that you can and will protect her or she is safe with you. 

2) Don’t even think about keeping it Perfect! Only you are perfect. 
A woman will break-up with you within a second if she finds:

- That the relationship is going nowhere. 
- You have no future. 
- You are seeing someone else. 
- You both fight a lot. 
- She is not entertained. 
- You are boring. 
- Your friend is better. 
- Some other guy she has just met is better in everything. 
- And similar stuff. 

Now, not all girls are like that. Of course there are women who take commitment as a responsibility, and stick to it no matter what. But that is not every woman, not even half, not even quarter. So how do you keep a woman crazy for you? Because your relationship can’t be perfect, as there are numerous things that will go wrong. The trick behind it is to never focus on keeping it perfect, but to do the opposite – don’t care. And that is the answer why Casanova’s never get dumped, or why girls fall in deep love with Womanizers when all we see is just a guy? What is so different in them? 

(to be continued) 

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