My girlfriend ignores me, but says she loves me. What does that mean?

What do you do or what will you do if you don’t have the strength to break up?
You’ll ignore the person yet won’t accept that you don’t love her/ him anymore. Some people have the tendency not to be the bad guy at all – especially girls. They can’t take the guilt, or the fact that they were cheating on some guy or were the one who crushed his life.
The rules are, as I have already mentioned before:

1) Follow your instincts.
Don’t think it’s nothing. Don’t think that anything unusual you feel is cool, if ever you get an idea she is lying about something but because you love her more than anything, you let it go. Don’t.
Your instincts are never wrong, and if you feel ignored, that means she is trying really hard to actually make you notice that. Because in all that love, you tend to ignore all the light things.

2) She can’t take the guilt
Like I have said, girls don’t want to be the bad person. So she can’t just come to your face and tell you that she wants to leave you. And of course all the talks, all the pretending is making her sick. Now the reasons why a girl might do this are:
– She is dating someone else.
– She has found someone whom she wants to date.
– She is simply waiting for you to say ‘This isn’t working anymore’ someday.
– She is waiting for you to commit a mistake out of frustration, the day she’ll blow the lid.

3) What you should do?
If you want to play, play the game, do what she exactly doesn’t expect from you to do
– keep on being the nice boyfriend.
– Talk to her friends, be cool to them.
– Don’t plan a meeting, but surprise her with a present and take her to lunch or dinner.
– When you surprisingly meet, don’t forget to check her cell-phone – the call register, messages, etc.
– If you find something which is evident enough of she cheating on you, then stand-up like a gentleman, say that you could have told me like an honest human being rather than being a _____ (choose a name), and leave like a gentleman.

If you pull this off, you’ll win the break-up straight away. Trust me, there won’t be any guilt, or any want to get her back as you’ll be so satisfied with your performance. Give it sometime, she’ll come crawling back to you.