What to talk about to a girl on the phone?

Best topics to talk to a girl about!

– What do you think about Fashion?
– What do you think about kids?
– What would you do if you come to know that you are gonna die in like 1 month?
– Do you believe in Helping people? (Of course she’ll say ‘yes’)
– Oh, so how do you plan to help them? (change the topic if she is getting confused and weird)
– Okay, Prepare your mind; if you get three wishes to make, and they will granted if you make them in 30 seconds only; what would they be, your time starts now!
– What do you think is the most beautiful thing ? Is it kissing? Hugging? or …?
– Are you scared of Ghosts? How much scared?
– What do you fear the most? Zombies? Vampires? Spirits? Ware-wolves? What?
– Which place in the world would you want to spend your life in, and why?
– And which place do you think is the best to raise your kids in?
– What do you think is hotter:
— Musicians or Writers?
— Tiger or Cheetah, and I don’t mean their skins as hand-bags!
— Tea or Coffee?
— Rock or Club music?
— Beethoven or Mozart?
— Crimson on black or Crimson on White?
— Glass house or hut?
— A long drive or an evening walk?
— Sun-set or Sun-rise?
— Lake or River? (Still water or flowing?)
— Money or Love?
— Chocolate Ice-cream or Butterscotch?

– What is your life? Happy or Sad?

What do you think about love?
– What’s your favorite band’s name? or musician?
– When was the last time you cried?
– What do you want to do in your life? (Get into philosophical questions)
– What’s your favorite color? Does a guy sound gay if he says it is purple?
– Do you have a pet? If you have to buy one, would that be the one that bites or scratches?
– What’s your favorite Superhero?
– Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
– What is life to you?
– What’s the thing that you are best at?
– Do you think you are a good talker or a good listener?
– What is the perfect guy to you?
– What is the thing in people you hate the most?
– Do you have a best friend? Is she a girl? Is she pretty?
– Tell me about your friends.
– Who’s that person, _______. (name someone from her profile who is very active on her wall) – King Kong or Dinosaurs?
– If the theme of your life would be contrasted with music, which instrument would you be? A Guitar/ Violin/ Piano.
– If you were to take up dance lessons? Which dance form would you go for?
– Do you like bad-ass guys, who kind of beat up people instantly?
– What’s your biceps?
– Do you like to party? (if yes) How much do you party?
– Tell me about the person you hate the most. (if she is hesitating or avoiding) Okay, is it a guy or a girl? (if a guy) Guy! Hmm… ex-boyfriend? stalker? school bully who robbed you of your lunch money? (if a girl) Girl! hmm…best friend? your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend? female warrior princess sent from the past to save the world who stole your boyfriend?
– How many secrets do you have? Count them.
– How many people know all your secrets, I mean, everything about your life? Count them. (if she doesn’t which she wouldn’t; give her numbers – 3, 4, 5, 6? if she says 6, conclude that ‘I am 6 people behind in knowing you’)
– Do you know how to fire a weapon?
– Do you think reptiles are hideously ugly or cute?
– Have you ever slapped a guy?
– Has a guy ever slapped you? except your father/ brother/ cousins/ teachers/ friends/strangers.
– What do you want to achieve in life?
– What’s your favorite sport?
– Do you think soccer is about a bunch of homosexuals chasing each other in half pants, kicking the ball to completely divert the mind of spectators from what they are actually doing?
– What do you think is the coolest summer outfit?
– How much do you think the sense of style should be important for both the sexes?
– Who do you think should pay for dinner, a girl or a guy?