What to say when a Girl asks ‘Why Do You Love Me?’

What truly are the reasons, if summed up, that a guy falls for a girl:
– Her face (75 %)
– Her smartness (45 %)
– Availability (50 %)
– Hotness (85 %)
– Friendship (20 %)
– Your own state (40 %)
If these reasons are taken and told, they would sound like:

– I love you because you are so beautiful.
– I love you because you are so smart.
– I love you because you were available and I was looking for a girlfriend.
– I love you because you are so hot.
– I love you because we were such good friends.
– I love you because I’d lost my entire savings in Gambling and felt broken and alone; and I needed someone, anyone in my life.

Most of the reasons sound weird, but factually, majority of guys actually say these lines.

Q. 1 – How is this different from what her ex-boyfriend might have said, and the thousand people who tell her this same thing everyday?

Q. 2- Does she really want to hear this?

The answers to both of these questions are negative and demand an improvement. So what do you say when a Girl asks you: Why do you Love me?

1) Because I have never met such an awesome person in my life.

Use lines such as:

– Very simply, you are awesome.

– Why do we become friends with people? Because they are awesome. Why do we fall in love with a person? Because they are awesomer than awesome; and that’s you.

– You’re the most awesome person I have met in my life. I love you not because of anything except for this fact. If I think for days, I wouldn’t be able to come up with any person that is even close to being as awesome as you are.

– You’re fun; you are such a great talker; you have such a beautiful mind; you’re so different from other mean, stupid people; you’re the most amazing girl I have ever met in my life; and quite simply, I didn’t fall for you because you are incredibly beautiful or mind-blowingly out-of-my-league, I fell for you because you have no match. And I think I am the luckiest man to have you in my life.